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Here are a few Video Projects which I have done while developing my Photography skills. It's a great opportunity for me to work and experiment with many other Photographers and tools of videography which guided me through this creative process of video production. Do check out my projects and let me know your views.


Create2Extremes Challenge

This was done when I participated in the edit challenge organised by Porsche across the world. The main aim of this Challenge is to let editors and content creators across the globe edit the raw footage of the new Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo 2021. 

Rainy Day

Why does the Rain "FEEL GOOD".?

The world may have its own views in this aspect but the common view of everyone is just it makes us feel refreshed and gives chance to witness beauty of Mother Nature.

A small presentation of a Rainy day.


A Broll sequence presentation of a tattoo by an artist for his portfolio. It's a combination of work which has several fast cuts, slo-mo, tranistions. 

Wagon R Broll

A Broll sequence shot and edited completely handheld. This was shot when we have purchased our new car Maruthi Suzuki Wagon R 2021. 

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